Life lessons from Aniket: An adieu to previous Year.

For your information let me tell you I turned 18 this year Though 2017 was a “MAJOR CHANGE”.

During this year I turned into a weird college student from a sophisticated school student. Those painful months and torture techniques when I had my board exams and I’ve to wake up at six and have to sit over that study table with my school time table in front of my eyes and a bulky accountancy book in my hands, only two words make sense to me in that id est, debit and credit, with a little sleep left in my eyes, all I wanted is my blanket and a deep sleep, and the beginning of this year has been a bit crucial because Pre-boards I, Pre-Boards II and final boards or anything that sort of was always on head, but I must say the year was a relief too, I was done with my 12th( I miss my school friends, not my school, let me clear this) finally the results came and I was expecting no more than 50% but I don’t know how I got 78.8% its good enough. Isn’t it. Don’t judge me on this you freaking reader.

I can finally sleep without a book next to me and play as much clash of clans as I can. Reality: During my exams, it isn’t like I studied too hard or something, I did
everything, played badminton two hours a day, watched the game of thrones at night, and played clash of clans too.

I had to give entrance exams for various colleges and fight CLAT exam too because my future is what I haven’t predicted yet, then finally all of a sudden I took admission in PIMR, it was a decent college, where teachers don’t bother much but attendance do… I decided to put my leg in every activity that college conducts not really looking for a girlfriend, decided to work hard, work on my brain rather than body, decided to get myself into trouble no matter what…

Finally, let’s come to the lessons

Lesson #1:
Be like water, adjust yourself to the situation.
My hostel is full of mess, and my room is two seater (NO, its not a car, its a room) my room mate is of good nature though if you’re good with him, he doesn’t bother me much or ask me to put the light off when am studying, I’ve got a morning batch at 8, whereas he has got it from 12, so I sleep at night to wake up early, he sleep at 5 or 6 in the morning(Yes! He exist) he doesn’t disturb me when I sleep early, and I don’t disturb him when am wake up early, we’ve got a mutual understanding, sometimes the hostel mates next door play songs on high volume which are intolerable, I ask them to turn the volume down, they do, but then also its a song.



Lesson #2:
You don’t always get what you want. Its always better to seek happiness in what you get.
“I won’t ever go to Indore, it’s far”, I remember my words but here I am! Yes, am pretty happy, my parents have decided to put me into this college knowing that I would hardly make any difference in another college) and I haven’t climbed a mountain in studies so I couldn’t get the best ones. (*Sighs*)

It was hard at first to wake up without my mom’s harsh words in my head, but it doesn’t matter now, I find my college good now, I love my new friends. I like the teachers. I am happy and my parents are happy too. This is what matters, isn’t it?

Lesson #3:
Open the door when opportunity knocks. Don’t be afraid. Otherwise, you’ll regret it later.
I was asked to give a class presentation, (and I had a strong stage fear, I get sick when I hear of something like that) in front of around 40 people whom I barely knew, I have a made a decision to go underground or bunk class, but then I talked to myself, what can be the worst situation? , maybe the whole class will laugh at you(Well Aniket its good to make everyone laugh), I will go blank in between (You’re a human Aniket, you’ll do a mistake, Animals won’t), I won’t do as good as others are doing (So what!! At least you’re trying, rather sitting among rest of them) so finally I decided to show up and I started preparing for that presentation, spoke in front of mirror many times asked my friends to watch me speaking, getting tips from google, and I gave my presentation well!! (The best, ma’am remarked) I was called a dark horse later on (*Blushes*) I made the class laugh, with my jokes and also motivated them a little.

And and and readers I am not done yet, here’s the most important lesson: Love yourself and your family, because all they’ve got is ‘you’.